Science Priorities

Our four key areas of expertise help to focus our research efforts on key industry requirements and future trends.

Science Priorities

As an organisation our focus is original thinking applied into evidence and science-based products and services. As we move forward, we encourage an approach that is more entrepreneurial, internationally-focused and integrated into cross-cutting, interdisciplinary programmes that are underpinned by our strategic partnerships and driven by the needs of our partners.

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Plant Bio-Security

Crop Health

Around the world, plant pests and diseases have a huge impact on both global food security and our natural environment. We need improved plant biosecurity to control new threats and better crop protection to manage existing ones. Fera helps farmers and industry to tackle these threats by developing and applying ingenious and original approaches, which are both environmentally and economically sustainable.

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Food Integrity

With increasing globalisation, our food supply chains are often complex, making them vulnerable to contamination or fraud. We need to give consumers confidence in the food they eat and industry protection for their brands and reputations. We help to ensure the integrity of the global supply chain by integrating food safety, quality and authenticity to protect food products as they make their way from producers to consumers.

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Next Generation Diagnostics

Measurement is at the heart of what we do. To face up to the challenges of population growth, climate change, food security and safety, we pioneer new diagnostic and analytical technologies to identify new and emerging threats - and to detect them earlier. We then deploy these innovative approaches to develop solutions and novel applications.

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Sustainable Agri-Food Systems

While we need to intensify our agri-food systems to meet the challenge of a growing population, we must do so in a way that has minimal impact on our environment and which is more resilient to climate change. To achieve this, we help our partners and customers in the agri-food supply chain to increase sustainability by reducing waste, pollution and reliance on non-renewable resources, whilst improving biodiversity.

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