Delivering world-class science for our partners, for the future

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Delivering world-class science for our partners, for the future

What's happening with us right now?

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Mastering Regulatory Submission Webinar

Join Fera Science experts as they unravel the world of radio molecule synthesis, empowering you to enhance the precision and effectiveness of your regulatory submissions. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of environmental risk assessments.

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How we can help...

  • Chemical and crop protection companies

    Fera has the scientific and regulatory expertise to provide consultancy services to help you with every step of the regulatory framework process. Our experience derives from working in government, industry, contract research organisations and in regulatory consultancies. We have well-established working relationships with many competent authorities, which means we can support you to achieve product registrations effectively and efficiently.

    Chemical Services
    Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

    Fera offers a wide range of standardised laboratory studies, aged residue tests as well as more complex higher tier studies under extended laboratory, glasshouse, semi-field and field conditions with standard or bespoke designs.

    Environmental Fate

    By understanding how chemical products are transformed, distributed and taken up by organisms in the natural environment, we can provide the data required for environmental risk assessments – ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements in the development of safe plant-protection and veterinary products.

    Aquatic Ecotoxicology

    Work with a partner with more than 20 years of experience in a wide range of study types on water quality and aquatic life. Accessing our new state-of-the-art facilities, purpose-built, high spec aquatic facility.

    Endocrine Disrupting Screening

    Recent updates to the EU regulations for biocide products (2017/2100) and plant protection products (2018/605) now require products to be labelled as endocrine disruptors, if they have a demonstrated adverse effect in an individual or its offspring which is a consequence of an endocrine mode of action.

    Plant Metabolism

    Fera offers a comprehensive range of dietary exposure testing services that includes primary plant metabolism and rotational crop studies, performed in dedicated environmentally controlled facilities.

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    Aged Sorption
    Aged Sorption

    Plan ahead for the recently approved Guidance on Aged Sorption as a higher tier option for groundwater assessment in the EU. A useful refinement option for pesticides and metabolites that currently fail the groundwater assessment. Click below to view the Guidance document on aged sorption.  

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    Meet the scientists...
    Rachel Benstead

    Rachel Benstead

    Rachel has extensive knowledge and experience of chemical risk assessment, whole effluent assessment, endocrine disruption in aquatic wildlife, the Water Framework Directive and environmental impact assessments. At Fera, she is responsible for conducting research and managing projects regarding aquatic environmental protection, including studies that are conducted to OECD guidelines. She is also a GLP study director.

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  • Food manufacturers and retailers

    With a large range of testing abilities, our multi-disciplinary approach gives an overall view of any food issue you may be facing, providing you with the complete information you need to make the strong decisions needed to address these issues.

    Food Services
    Order Online with Fera

    You can now order your routine Food Tests online, making it simpler for you to work with us and meet your future food testing challenges.

    Honey Authenticity

    Fera offer extensive authenticity analysis capabilities across a range of samples, such as our extensive Manuka honey testing ability, where we can highlight the presence of Manuka’s active ingredients within one ‘Quad Test’.

    Shelf Life Testing

    At Fera our experts can develop and carry out a standard microbiological testing method to assess the bacterial content of food and beverage products as well as feed products to determine their use by date as well as associated hygiene or product practices.


    OriGen helps you to quickly trace the cause of contamination and avoid expensive and damaging product recalls. As supply chains expand across the globe and become ever more complex, quality control systems are coming under increasing strain, and the number of product recalls is growing.

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    Fish & Seafood Contaminant Testing

    Fera has a comprehensive range of analytical, authenticity, fraud prevention and knowledge management services to support the fish and aquaculture industry. Helping to ensure quality and safety in this growing industry.

    Begin a partnership you can trust to support your growth...

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    Meet the scientists...
    Emma Bradley Headshot

    Emma Bradley

    Emma is an analytical chemist by training and currently leads a team of 120 scientists working on food integrity and safety. She has more than 18 years of experience in the analysis of chemical contaminants in foods and specifically chemical migration from food contact materials and articles.

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  • Growers, farmers and agronomists

    Fera offers a suite of crop health services, resources, testing facilities and expertise to help farmers, growers and the food industry to improve yields, reduce costs and develop sustainable solutions.

    Growers, Farmers and Agronomist Services
    Order Online with Fera

    You can now order your routine Crop Tests online, making it simpler for you to work with us and meet your future crop testing challenges.

    Plant Clinic

    Fera's Plant Clinic is the largest in the UK. Our crop testing and molecular facilities deliver expert diagnostics on a range of plant issues from all over the world. We have extensive expertise in the fields of bacterial, fungal, viral, insect and nematode identification.

    Virology Diagnosis

    The virology diagnostics team at Fera utilises a range of tests, including ELISA, and molecular methods such as PCR and next generation sequencing, to both detect and identify a range of plant affecting viruses, viroids and phytoplasmas.

    Insect monitoring

    The Fera insect monitoring service helps growers to target insecticide applications more accurately to reduce costs and waste, optimise resources and improve yields.

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    Supporting our farmers and growers

    As the largest Plant Clinic in the UK, our work supports healthy plants and crops and ensures your continued growth. We're experts in identifying pests and diseases, enabling you to make in-field decisions and taking action to minimise yield loss and maximise margins. We also have a UKAS accredited nematology testing facility for PCN and free-living nematodes as well as the facility to test for pests and diseases of bees and mites in relation to food storage.

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    Meet the scientists...
    Adrian Fox

    Adrian Fox

    Senior Plant Virologist

    Adrian is the Senior Plant Virologist at Fera. As lead virologist, his role is to deliver a high-quality virology diagnostic service to a wide range of UK and overseas government and commercial clients.

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  • Proficiency Testing

    Established in 1990, Fapas is a globally recognised provider of proficiency tests, running over 400 tests annually across an extensive range of matrices and analytes for the food and water, environmental chemistry and microbiology sectors.

    Proficiency Testing Services
    Proficiency tests

    Proficiency testing is an essential part of laboratory quality procedure and participation is a mandatory requirement of ISO 17025 accreditation. Fapas proficiency testing provides an independent assessment of your laboratory performance and compares your results to laboratories worldwide.

    Quality control materials

    Surplus test materials from the batch used for the PT may be available for purchase as quality control (QC) samples. These QC samples may be used for troubleshooting poor performance in the PT, training of new staff, method development or generating QC charts.

    Reference materials

    Reference Materials (RMs) are also available from Fapas for some analyte/matrix combinations. RMs have a much higher degree of characterisation than PT or QC materials with a defined chain of traceability

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    2021/22 PROGRAMME
    Ready to Order?

    Proficiency testing (PT) is an independent check of your laboratory procedures that provides you with a completely confidential assessment of your capability. Have you booked your PTs yet for 2021?

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    Meet the scientists...
    Mark Sykes Headshot

    Mark Sykes

    Scientific Advisor to Fapas

    Mark’s principal role is to provide expert advice on all aspects of Fapas proficiency tests and to investigate difficult datasets and their underlying scientific problems. Mark is also responsible for new product development in proficiency testing and developing bespoke schemes.

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  • Governments and academia

    Translating research into real-world solutions across the agri-food supply chain

    Government and Academia Services
    Science strategy

    We live in a changing world, one that faces global challenges such as climate change, increasing globalisation and population growth. In turn, these all affect our food security. Learn how we are meeting these challenges within our Science Strategy.

    Areas of Expertise

    As an organisation our focus is translating research into evidence and science-based products and services. As we move forward, we encourage an approach that is more entrepreneurial, internationally-focused and integrated into cross-cutting, interdisciplinary programmes that are underpinned by our strategic partnerships and driven by the needs of our customers.

    IAFRI Partnership

    The aim of the partnership is to deliver innovation in research across the agri-food supply chain, and provide sustainable solutions to problems facing Fera’s diverse customer base in both the agricultural and food sectors. The Institute for Agri-Food Research and Innovation (IAFRI) is a joint venture between Newcastle University and Fera Science Ltd (Fera).

    Careers at Fera

    We are no ordinary people. We are original thinkers and problem solvers. Are you part of our solution?

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    Upcoming Events

    Fera attend, exhibit and host a broad array of international events that explore the full scope of our scientific expertise and allow us to engage with our industry, academic and government stakeholders.

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    Meet the scientists...
    Phil Jennings Headshot

    Phil Jennings

    Phil Jennings has over 25 years of experience in fungal plant pathology, especially epidemiology, disease control, experimental/field trial designs and investigative research approaches.

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Enigma - a Collaborative Research Model


Enigma is Fera’s strategic R&D model established to support continued research, innovation and knowledge transfer across the agri-food sector through a joined-up approach with Fera and industry partners. Thought to be one of the first research models of its kind in the agri-food sector, Enigma relies on industry collaboration to address exacting industry challenges.

Each Enigma project will be co-sponsored by industry partners enabling Fera to deliver world-class science to find end-to-end solutions to sector challenges. With access to internal knowledge, expertise and a rich network of academics internationally, Fera’s aim with each Enigma project is to help create sustainable food production systems that are truly fit for the future.

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NEW FAPAS® 2023/24 Programme Price Lists Now Available

Fapas are the global leader in proficiency testing for the food and drink industry with a clear goal; to provide the highest quality PT services to our international customer base.

With over 100 new proficiency tests added to the programme it is the most comprehensive range we have ever made available. We also have many rounds still available to order for the remainder of 2022 and it is not too late to order these for your QA programme.

                                   Fapas | Proficiency Testing From Fera

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