Our Facilities

We employ more than 400 people, including over 300 scientists at the National Agri-food Innovation Campus a few miles from York.

Our Facilities

We are no ordinary people.

We are original thinkers and problem solvers.

Are you part of our solution?

We are proud to be a world-class science services company whose successes help to tackle some of today’s biggest challenges, presented to by our overcrowded planet. At Fera we work hard to help the world make better use of natural and sustainable resources whilst ensuring people can live and eat safely.

Our success is built on our ability to solve problems. Over 100 years of our accumulated original thinking sets us apart from the rest. We are passionate about our excellent science and our strong sense of purpose guides us in all that we do, and we approach each day with the knowledge that our work helps to improve the health and well-being of many across the globe.


The breadth of our technology allows us to integrate technology and informatics establishes us as a centre of diagnostic excellence accelerating the pull through of emerging technologies into real world applications.

Thomson Suite

The Thomson Suite is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the UK. It is a bespoke laboratory running to GLP quality standards that houses 30 state-of-the-art mass spectrometry instruments.

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In order to face future challenges we need to continue to pioneer new diagnostic and analytic technologies. Fera’s glasshouses are utilised across a range of testing disciplines, from plant uptake experiments to potato brown rot analysis.

  • 130,000 plants grown per year, both routine and on demand.
  • 5,000m2 of outdoor plots
  • 54 growing houses to facilitate routine plant orders
  • 2 million plants grown since glasshouses opened.

Our extensive facilities enables our original thinking to be applied  across a range of simulated growing conditions.

In addition our field plots offer true to life field test conditions required for a range of chemical regulatory assessments, such as plant uptake factors and true effects of pesticides and herbicides. These agricultural trials are undertaken throughout the year, with seed sown during winter accurately replicating the growing cycles of a range of agricultural crops such as OSR, potatoes and a range of cereals.

With secure fencing and four 816 square meter plots our  customers enjoy the required capacity to fulfil regulatory requirements.

In addition to our field plots we have extensive cold glasshouse capacity reducing cultivation time per crop and longer growing period throughout the year can result in faster analysisstudies.

Fera have 5 glasshouse wings on site, with 16 quarantine cubicles offering the ability to assess and analyse a range of known and unknown pathogens across a range of plant material and species. All of our quarantine cubicles follow stringent legislative controls and include autoclave sterilisation to contain these pathogens.

Soil, water & airborne pathogen experiments can be undertaken within our quarantine cubicles, as well as vector analysis activities. Our glasshouses can also facilitate insect culture, such as aphids, through our pressurised cubicles, for both agricultural and scientific use. 

With full temperature management systems including shade screens and heat fans we can provide the optimum conditions for both plant cultivation and experimental activity, such as simulating designated day lengths and seasonal conditions ensuring any analysis undertaken yield the accuracy of results required.

This can be taken a step further with our controlled environment capabilities. Where we offer complete control of pressure, temperature and light conditions to ensure analysis activities maintain accurate and meet even the most stringent analysis requirements.

Our impressive facilities can offer the capability and capacity to satisfy extensive and far reaching frameworks and varied analysis requirements.  To learn more about our site and the analysis activities we can offer as a result, please contact us below.

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