LAND360 for Housing Developers

LAND360 for Housing Developers

People, Place and Planet: 
How science can help house builders achieve sustainability goals

As house builders strive to contribute meaningfully to society and align with our nation's net-zero targets, the emphasis on developing frameworks for sustainable communities and living environments has never been more crucial. With an increasing awareness of environmental responsibility among homebuyers, the need for sustainable practices has taken centre stage in the industry.

Facing global challenges, such as the loss of 600 million breeding birds and 97% of the UK's wildflower meadows since 1980, BNG becomes a crucial mechanism for developers. With the UK retaining only half of its pre-Industrial Revolution biodiversity, BNG not only meets regulatory demands but also addresses the urgent need to protect ecosystems while aligning with the government's housing targets. Join us in navigating this pivotal moment, where science and ecology intersect with sustainable development, shaping a better future for our communities and the environment.

Bridging Sustainability and Development: The Role of Biodiversity Net Gain for House Builders

While mitigating biodiversity loss and achieving the required 10% gain for planning approval may seem challenging for developers, considering these aspects from the project's inception transforms the perceived challenge into a valuable tool in the pursuit of planning permission.

Embracing a Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) approach from the outset empowers local authorities and developers to deliver high-quality, sustainable developments. A thoughtful early approach enhances the chances of obtaining a planning advantage and a return on investment, aligning with the ultimate goals of any development or project.

Prioritising people's wellbeing and quality of life through the creation of improved high-quality spaces not only attracts investment but also increases the financial value of assets. By strategically incorporating BNG, developments are more likely to secure additional environmental benefits, including improved air quality, soil stability, flood management, and climate change adaptation. This strategic approach is crucial for companies aiming to showcase the broader value of their projects, ultimately enhancing their reputation, competitive advantage, and expertise when bidding for work.

Recognising the potential positive impact on the financial performance of a site, developers can further boost these outcomes by considering and introducing BNG earlier in the due diligence process. The new law provides developers with the ability to quantify habitat creation efforts in a meaningful and easily understandable way.

While not all developers may initially be comfortable adapting to the legal change, the new rules can make a significant difference for many sites, delivering tangible benefits for wildlife and enhancing the liveability of the development. With developers increasingly prioritising efficiency and emphasising early consideration of BNG, this proactive approach facilitates a smooth transition and proves financially beneficial in the long term.

Unlock the Power of Science and Data

At Fera, leveraging over a century of scientific expertise, we assist land-managing businesses in achieving their environmental sustainability objectives. Collaborating closely with developers, land managers, and farmers, our LAND360 service connects them with science, ecology, and data. Through comprehensive landscape analysis, we translate findings into actionable plans that yield benefits for both people and the planet.

In the ever-evolving policy landscape, establishing a reliable, long-term partnership is essential. Our customised, science-driven solutions empower developers to formulate resilient strategies that make a lasting positive impact on nature and the communities they shape.

Tailored solutions:
Our LAND360 service can help you measure, monitor, evaluate and evidence sustainability-driven initiatives, such as biodiversity net gain, with confidence and clarity.
A century of expertise:
With a rich history spanning over a century in scientific research and development, Fera offers unrivalled expertise and ecological understanding to help you get to grips with delivering what’s best for nature.

Explore our partnership with one of the UK's leading housing developers, where we've designed and implemented an effective Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) plan.

LAND360 in practice: Achieving biodiversity net gain in partnership

Scenario planning:

Our trusted approach combines habitat baselining, ecological surveys, and biodiversity uplift estimates with the integration of cutting-edge technologies, including remote sensing and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This ensures detailed data gathering to inform a more accurate management strategy and a robust database of evidence for monitoring and reporting purposes.

Streamlined compliance:

Fera’s data-driven LAND360 service facilitates efficient planning processes, reducing the risk of regulatory delays or rejections of development applications, helping to deliver projects on budget and on-time.

LAND360 is an established, science-based land-assessment service, delivered by Fera’s multi-disciplinary team of:


Providing invaluable insights into the natural world.


Navigating the financial landscape.

Remote sensing experts

Utilising cutting-edge technology for accurate data collection.

How does LAND360 assess biodiversity net gain?


LAND360 uses a comprehensive approach, conducting habitat assessments, ecological surveys, and biodiversity offsetting to gather a wealth of data. 
Our methods include:

• Remote sensing technology
• Spatial analysis
• Mapping
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Can LAND360 integrate with Natural England’s Biodiversity Metric tool?


Simply put – yes – LAND360 can seamlessly integrate with the official industry metric developed by Natural England. We calibrate the biodiversity score, providing you with deeper data insight.

Combine this with guidance of experienced ecologists, and you gain the confidence you need for baselining, planning, forecasting, and maintaining biodiversity net gain plans.

LAND360 measures, monitors and assesses habitats and resources to identify tangible biodiversity opportunities.

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