Comprising of 60 participants from 18 European countries, China and South America, Food Integrity's key focus is to consolidate, harmonise and mobilise the European capability on food authentication to ensure consumer confidence.


FoodIntegrity is a large pan-European research and networking activity sponsored primarily by the European Commission through its Seventh Framework Programme. The €12M interdisciplinary project has developed networks, systems and tools for assuring the integrity of food and adding value to the European agri-food economy.

This 5 year project was completed in December 2018.

FoodIntegrity’s Key Outputs: Turning science into solutions

The development of a European Network of >350 stakeholders and experts from 54 countries.

The writing of 8 “Scientific Opinions” and production of their related explainer videos by scientific experts in the field of food fraud.

The production of an interactive Knowledge Base that end users can interrogate to identify food authenticity issues mapped against the methods and databases that can be used to detect them.

The creation and publication of a FoodIntegrity Handbook on Food Authenticity Issues and Related Analytical Techniques.

An extensive analysis of the current gaps in the current state of the art for detecting and preventing food fraud.

An inventory of the key issues, methods and standards concerned with the authentication of olive oil and spirit drinks.

A “Citizen Science” study looking at fish mislabelling in the restaurant sector.

Case studies of potential implementation of testing methods in the food industry.

A study looking at Chinese consumer attitudes to European food products.

An early warnings system tool intended to help direct and prioritise industry monitoring and regulatory enforcement activities against food fraud.

An app to access the NIRS web virtual environment through cloud computing from mobile/tablet devices for the instantaneous monitoring of Iberian pig quality has been designed and built.

The freely available FISHUB app that allows to accurately identify 22 species. 

Written up method for identifying different cuts of meat within individual species (re-working of the methodology of the work-package via the relative quantitation route).

Guidelines and toolboxes especially developed for the food industry.

The organisation of a comprehensive training program for over 90 scientists from 24 countries in various areas of food integrity along with a young scientist’s mobility programme and the establishment of a FoodIntegrity Training school.

5 International Conferences with over 1,200 participants from around the world.

Development of smart surveillance.

Production of protocols on validating non-targeted methods of analysis, methods for analysing complex foods, and feasibility studies on transparency along the food chain.

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