Innovative Facts about Fera

Since our early beginnings, Fera have been at the forefront of innovation and original thinking. We've continually grown to coincide with our core strengths of trust, independence and quality whilst working in an innovative manner.

Innovative Facts about Fera

Such an approach has allowed us to conduct science that benefits wider society whilst accommodating to the needs of our valued customers. In doing so, we have achieve a vast amount, with some of our highlights presented below.

Fera Innovative Facts

Fera’s glasshouse team produce 2,000 routine plants a week for scientific research alone. Alongside non-routine plants this equates 2 million annually. 

      Fera is the UK National Reference Laboratory for the measurement of Mycotoxins in food and feed.


The UMF® Honey Association have appointed us as an official testing lab to independently verify the UMF® rating of Manuka honey.

We use next generation sequencing for the diagnosis of unknown plant disease. Bespoke tests are available upon request, adopting various methods and parameters.

We measure the use of every pesticide in the UK. In adopting a stratified sample, we can effectively calculate a regional and national estimate.

We are the only lab in that world that can uniquely identify porcine gelatine in consumer products.

We have expertise in GIS, spatial analysis & modelling & remote sensing. Thus, our developments in crop protection. 

      We offer a suite of online tools to support decision making across the agri-food supply chain.

Fera has more than 100 procedures covered by the UKAS accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard.

We provide the national yellow water trap aphid monitoring programme for the @PotatoCouncil

We publish over 100 scientific papers per year.

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