Agri-Environment Schemes

  • Fera provides targeted advice and support to help governments, businesses and individuals manage the land in ways that are beneficial for biodiversity. Our scientists work with regulators, governments, biochemical and agrichemical companies, supermarkets.
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Agri-Environment Schemes

Our work involves monitoring and surveillance of biodiversity, in particular pollinators, over time to assess the impacts of specific policies, schemes and practices. Using this evidence, we can provide advice on modifications to farming practices, agri-environment policies and incentive schemes to ensure they optimise benefits and minimise detrimental effects on the environment.

For businesses, adopting environmentally sound practices and policies can contribute to your corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. Fera scientists can provide the evidence and advice you need to implement responsible practices and systems in your business.

Our services

  • Monitoring and evaluation of agri-environment schemes.
  • Support and advice on sustainable approaches to agriculture.
  • Providing scientific evidence to policymakers and industry.
  • Advice on land management for the benefit of biodiversity.

Agri-environmental stewardship services

  • Biodiversity monitoring and surveillance.
  • Research and development.
  • Evidence gathering for policymakers.
  • Advisory support for farmers and businesses.
  • Pollinator surveying and monitoring.

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Why choose Fera?

We undertake a range of research projects across various disciplines within the agricultural sector.

  • We have scientific heritage that stretches back over 100 years

    We have the scientific expertise to preform industry leading research

  • We publish over 100 peer-reviewed papers per year.

    Our extensive research activities are well documented across a range of well respected journals.

  • We test and analyse over 90,000 samples per year

    Our impressive campus offers the ideal facilities to perform a range of desired research activities.

  • We have collaborated on 33 EU projects working with over 440 partners

    As a global collaborator co-ordinating 16 major projects in the last 5 years, we can bring our extensive expertise and experience to your project

Why choose Fera?

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