Crop Health

Our scientists conduct research and development studies to identify ways to improve crop health, yield, efficiency and value. In addition we offer a suite of resources, testing facilities and expertise to help industry to develop sustainable solutions.

Crop Health

Original Thinking...Applied

Undertaking high quality research and monitoring to provide robust evidence, solutions and advice on the epidemiology and control of plant diseases in agriculture, horticulture and the natural environment is at our core. 

"We care about the world and the environment.  We’re driven by a need to address important global issues such as sustainably feeding a growing population and security challenges. That’s why we use our original thinking and innovation in developing early stage detection to solve the big issues facing the agri-food industry. "

Fera Science Ltd

Research & Development

With over 100 years' experience of delivering pest and disease identification services to a wide range of commercial growers and Government departments, both in the UK and overseas, we understand the needs of our customers.

Our R&D is delivered over three sections, Crop, Pest Management and Pathology, learn more:

Crop R&D

Invertebrate Pest Management R&D

Pathology R&D

Grower Support Tools

Fera has developed a range of tools, online databases and technology to support farmers and growers, to help the agricultural industry produce more crops to feed an ever-growing population more efficiently whilst using fewer resources and pesticides.

Crop monitor

Live monitoring of untreated crops & diseases updates

In field diagnostics

Rapid in field testing for crop pests & pathogens (Genie III)


UK & EU pesticide approvals, label information and maximum residue levels.


Global database of pesticide approvals and maximum residue levels.

Environmental DNA

Environmental DNA (eDNA) has a number of advantages over more traditional methods of sampling for great crested newts, allowing you to sample right up until the end of June. It also requires just a single sample taken by an ecologist at any time during the newt breeding season to determine their presence or absence, giving you the flexibility you need. The tests are quick and easy to perform potentially saving you time and money.

eDNA Testing

Plant Clinic

Fera's Plant Clinic is the largest in the UK. Our work supports healthy plants and crops, increasing sustainable food production and protecting the environment.

We can identify plant pests and pathogens found in arable crops, vegetables, trees, ornamental plants, protected edibles, seeds, soft fruit, turf and water.

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Our Plant Clinic services designed for you:

Crop Testing

Nematology Testing

Soil Health Unit

The Big Soil Community

Virology Diagnosis

Insect Monitoring

Our insect monitoring capabilities provide the information to assess virus transmission risk helping growers to target insecticide applications more accurately to reduce costs and waste, optimise resources and improve yields.

Insect Monitoring Services

Environmental Planning and Policy

Using data science, risk modelling and environmental expertise to provide policy advice and solutions that help government and industry work sustainably to create more resilient societies, agriculture and ecosystems.

Our work in environmental planning and policy supports government departments, local authorities, retailers, chemical companies, water companies, individual growers and farmers and many other organisations whose work has an impact on the environment.

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