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Who We Are

We are no ordinary people. More than a world-class science services company, we are relentless problem solvers… innovators, who are pioneering new services and solutions for the most exacting questions of our time.

Can you be a vital part of our team to help us on this mission?

Our Mission

Joining Fera Science means becoming part of a team dedicated to solving the most pressing challenges our planet faces today. For over a century, our unwavering commitment to scientific excellence has transformed industries, protected ecosystems, and enhanced the well-being of people worldwide.

Our achievements stem from our commitment to applying original thinking to problem-solving - for over a century.

If you enjoy responding to ever-changing challenges, and seek boundless opportunities, Fera is the perfect place for you.

Join us and make a difference. Together, we can create a more sustainable world for generations to come.

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Join our Team

Chemical Regulation

Chemical Regulation

Apply your knowledge and expertise to help our team develop effective, sustainable and safe chemical products for now and for the future.

Crop Health

Crop Health

Your skills are required in the fight against pests and pathogens to identify sustainable ways to improve crop health, yield, efficiency and value.

Food Safety

Food Safety

We deliver integrated, industry-facing solutions  for our partners. Can you bring original thinking to our multi-disciplinary team?

Business Operations

Business Operations

Ingenuity isn't exclusive to great science. Our operations team are instrumental in all aspects of the business as we share challenges and solve global issues together.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Sales

Passionate about promoting original thinking. We see difficulty as a challenge to demonstrate our effectiveness. Are you a collaborative and creative thinker?


Proficiency Testing®

Fapas offers the widest range of analyte/matrix combinations for the food sector, delivering robust proficiency test results to meet quality control challenges.



Pioneers in new diagnostic approaches our PhD studentships are designed to foster emerging talent and original thinking within the Agri-Food sector.



Providing apprentices with a high quality and broad science skill set to drive the next generation of scientific discovery. Are you ready to think differently?


Internships & Work Expereience

Engaging internships that challenge interns to achieve tangible outcomes and build valuable skills across a variety of sectors

Site Facilities

So, which facilities & technologies will be at your disposal?

We continually invest in world class facilities and people, to respond to opportunities, events and emerging markets ensuring we remain the industry leader constantly delivering innovation.

The breadth of our technology establishes us as a centre of diagnostic excellence to accelerate the pull translation of emerging technologies into real world applications.


Molecular Technology Unit: cutting-edge molecular diagnostics and DNA analysis facility (including high-throughout real-time PCR, field portable DNA testing equipment and Next Generation Sequencing)

Thomson Suite: one of the UK’s largest mass spectrometry facilities with 40 different machines, including the latest High Resolution & Time of Flight technology. Fera also a range of other analytical chemistry capabilities including Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

Quarantine Glasshouses & CE rooms: extensive suite of high-containment facilities for holding non-indigenous pests and pathogens, with its own dedicated horticultural team.

Reference collections: Fera hosts internationally important reference collections including over 100,000 entomological specimens, the world’s largest collection of plant-parasitic nematodes and the NCPPB (National Collection for Plant Pathogenic Bacteria)

Bee Research Unit: maintains over 60 experimental apiaries as part of its work with Defra’s National Bee Unit and  other work on bee and pollinator health

Remote sensing: Fera has its own small flight of UAVs (‘unmanned aerial vehicles’ or drones) with trained pilots and GIS modelling capability.

Agri-food datasets: custodians of nationally important long-term datasets including pesticide usage and disease monitoring.

Living in York

Fera have access to the facilities at York Biotech Campus set in a 80-acre parkland setting, including the Lakeside Conference Centre, restaurant and gym.  Our campus is perfect for those looking to grab some fresh air to break up their day. Our scenic lake, home to beautiful wildlife, is a wonderful spot for a walk, and local nature trails in the surrounding area.  Fera is located just a few miles from York City Centre, and local shopping centres. 

For travel, Fera are signed up to and members of the Transdev Commuter Club, who runs buses from York city centre to the Fera site at Sand Hutton, giving staff easy access to work using public transport at reduced rates from the city centre.  There are discounts for Fera staff on the York, York Plus and Gold zones.  Staff also have access to free parking on campus.  

York has frequently received accolades such as ‘the place Britons most want to live’, in part due to the beauty and historical heritage of the city itself. In addition, low levels of crime and anti-social behaviour make York a very safe place to live. There is good education, health and public services.  York is also home to several museums, art galleries, theatres, cinemas and wonderful places to eat.  

For the size of the city, York is also culturally vibrant, with a range of festivals throughout the year alongside regular events such as York races.

Located on the East Coast Mainline, York Station has around 83 daily services to Leeds (23 minutes), 74 daily services to Newcastle (53 minutes) and 35 daily services to London (1hr50). York also has integrated international connections with direct trains to Manchester Airport, an hour and a half away, flying to over 200 destinations worldwide, and Leeds Bradford International Airport around an hour away.

Gender pay gap reporting

The UK Government's gender pay reporting requirements are providing us with a good baseline and evidence from which we can develop our diversity strategy. Our data is disclosed on the government website and in our Gender Pay Gap Report.

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