Interesting Facts About Fera

At Fera, we pioneer in original thinking and enabling innovation to distinguish potential threats within agri-food science. Since our existence, we have gone on to achieve an extensive range of achievements.

Interesting Facts About Fera

Many of which, including the following below, may serve as our lesser-known achievements.

We track the safety of every commodity food product in 127 countries of the world. Ranging from Crop Testing to Grower Support Tools.

Each summer, the National Bee Unit apiary is home to around 1.2 million honey bees. Hence, we are at the forefront of bee ecotoxicology testing.

We have been carrying out veterinary drug residue testing on animal-based food products & ingredients for over 30 years.

Fera scientists can measure some food contaminants in parts-per-billion (PPB). This equates to one foot in a trip to the moon.

Our plant pest & disease expertise covers insects, mites, slugs and nematodes. Thus, optimising resources and improving yields.

Fera’s proficiency testing service Fapas® has been running for over 20 years. Since, it has gone on to run 400 tests annually.

The Fera entomology collection contains over 150,000 specimens and is a nationally important reference resource.

The Sand Hutton site comes to  86.8 acres (35.13 hectares). Including 54 growing house with 130,000 plants grown annually.

The Fapas® proficiency testing scheme has more than 4,500 participants in over 120 countries.

Fera experts have attached radio tracking devices to honey bees which will help to provide information on foraging behaviour.

Fera's proficiency testing service Fapas® has been running for over 20 years. Since, it has gone on to run 400 tests annually across a range of matrices and analytes.

We measure the use of every pesticide in the UK. In adopting a stratified sample, we can effectively calculate a regional and national estimate.

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