A Trusted Partner of industry for over 100 years, Fera Science Biopesticides experts have over 250 years experience and are here to help you navigate the current and upcoming Biopesticide regulations and create studies designed to your biopesticide.

Biopesticides covers a variety of potential products used as plant protection products (PPP), such as Microbial pesticides consist of a microorganism (bacterium, fungus, virus or protozoan), Semiochemicals and Plant Extracts.

Fera Science is adopting an innovative approach to problem solving from preliminary testing right through to regulatory studies, tailored specifically to your biopesticide.

Our team of experienced scientists will work with you to develop the data you need to register your biopesticide

Global Biopesticide Guidance

Fera can support your biopesticide registration in the UK, EU and global markets with bespoke study designs and to highlight where justifications are appropriate for your early active substance or formulation test item, all under GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

Explore below the current guidance for the regions below:


Thought Leaderships

Biopesticides: A changing regulatory landscape

In October 2022, the European Commission arrived at the ‘requirements mechanism’ that many of us have been waiting for. It adopted new rules designed to approve new biopesticide agents and authorise new biopesticide products more effectively and efficiently.

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Protecting honey bees safety testing for microbial pesticides

We test the effects of acute and chronic exposure, oral and contact toxicity, the effects on developing brood, conduct laboratory studies as well as tunnel and field trials. We use a wide variety of tools - from in vitro rearing of larvae to analytical chemistry – so by the time a product’s environmental safety is being assessed by regulators, they have the data they require.

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Supporting the early discovery and development stage of new actives

Adopting an innovative approach to problem solving from preliminary testing right through to regulatory studies, tailored specifically to your biopesticide.

As growers increasingly adopt Integrated pest management (IPM) programmes to help them grow health and profitable crops, the need for biopesticides has never been greater. The biopesticides market is expanding rapidly and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16% between now and 2029.

Our bespoke screening can provide our partners with the data needed to demonstrate the potential compounds and get products to market. 


Neil Audsley major research interests include invertebrate endocrinology, physiology and biochemistry, peptidomics, novel pesticide targets and delivery systems biopesticides and biorational pesticides.

Neil Audsley, Insect Endocrinologist

Biopesticide Studies

Fera can support individual environmental fate and ecotoxicology screens for single compounds at discovery stage to help determine the scale of further development/regulatory work they may require, followed by GLP regulatory studies to support your dossier.

Environmental Stability Testing (UV/Temperature)

Aquatic ecotoxicology

Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

Field Trials

5 Batch Analysis (GLP)

Where appropriate, our team of experienced scientists can prepare justifications to highlight when scientific studies are not appropriate to fulfil the requirements of 283/2013 and/or EU 284/2013

Field Trials

Our Senior trials team have experience conducting replicated field trials.

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with over 250 years of experience applying original thinking together with our partners to create bespoke study designs and reduce regulatory gaps.

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