Environmental Planning and Policy

Fera is in a unique position to combine academic research, big data, forecasting models and information from a host of sources to inform practical environmental solutions and policy decisions across the public and private sector.

Environmental Planning and Policy

Using data science, risk modelling and environmental expertise to provide policy advice and solutions that help government and industry work sustainably to create more resilient societies, agriculture and ecosystems.

Our work in environmental planning and policy supports government departments, local authorities, retailers, chemical companies, water companies, individual growers and farmers and many other organisations whose work has an impact on the environment.

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Scientific scope

The scope of our work and collaborations puts Fera in a unique position to advise national governments and regional authorities, as well as individual farmers and retailers. Our work produces assessments and models that show how farmers can make decisions that are beneficial for both the environment and productivity. The same assessments can be applied by our specialists to advise governments and high-level decisionmakers on policies that will have the same beneficial effects, on a larger scale.

Data science at Fera

Fera is investing heavily in data science services and data modelling. We apply statistical analysis and mathematical modelling to big data on food and the environment to develop predictive models and early warning systems for policymakers and industry. Fera is leading the way in this work to make better use of existing data, extrapolating outcomes and scenarios that help governments and industry adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Why choose Fera?

We undertake a range of research projects across various disciplines within the agricultural sector.

  • Flexible in approach

    By working on both top-down and bottom-up approaches, we help governments and industry to create more resilient societies, agricultural practices and ecosystems. In this way, Fera acts as a translator and conduit between policymakers and individuals – helping them to work in harmony for the benefit of the wider environment.

  • Effective Industry Partnerships

    Fera works at a micro and macro level across the environmental services sector, working in partnership with academics, industry and governments to produce tangible advice, workable solutions and evidence-based policy support.

Why choose Fera?

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