Storage Mites Detection

  • Storage mites are a significant pest for the food and feed industries. The mites are very small, translucent and difficult to detect.
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Storage Mites Detection

Storage mites are capable of infesting a wide variety of commodities, especially those based on cereals and oilseeds, but also dried fruits, nuts, seeds, cheese and fungi. Mites can be found throughout the food chain.

Heavy infestations in raw materials can reduce germination, decrease the value for seed and malting, cause taint and be unpalatable to livestock, which can lead to reduced growth rates. In finished goods, infestations can lead to financial loss through deterioration of food quality, downgrading of product and customer complaints. Mites are also highly allergenic and there is growing evidence that links mites and their by-products to the increase in human and companion-animal allergic responses (e.g. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in horses, atopic dermatitis in dogs, dust/house mite allergies, rhinitis, eczema, dermatitis and in very extreme cases anaphylaxis). Therefore if you take pest monitoring seriously our mite service.

Mite infestations are often difficult to detect, particularly in the early stages when numbers are relatively low. However our detection and monitoring services enables detection at the critical early stage of an infestation which allows the customer to apply appropriate control measures and prevent populations developing; or for customers to demonstrate that their premises are attaining a standard of hygiene. Fera is the only company in the UK to offer a mite monitoring service, so if you take pest monitoring seriously Fera's mite services can assist.

Fera's Mite Trap and Monitoring Service

Fera's Mite Trap is specifically designed and developed for monitoring storage mite pests. The robust trap contains an attractant made from non-toxic ingredients which attracts live mites and other storage pests and provides early indications of problem areas, pinpointing hidden infestations and refuges, thus giving you the opportunity to target remedial treatments and resources for best effect.

We will work with you to tailor our services to meet your mite monitoring requirements. Our service helps to support UFAS accreditation (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme) as well as help you to protect your brand's reputation.

Fera’s Flotation Test

The Flotation Test can identify contaminating matter of animal origin (e.g. whole or fragmented mites and insects, or rodent hairs) in a wide range of food, feed, veterinary and dust samples.

It is the single and most effective method of confirming the presence of mites in commodities, and easily differentiates between dead and live mites.

The flotation test can be used to assess mite infestations in a diverse array of products such as:

·         Fine powders (e.g. flour, dried milk, yeast)

·         Granular materials (e.g. animal feed, wheatgerm)

·         Compacted and pelleted materials (e.g. animal feed pellets, dairy nuts, pet food)

·         Seeds and grain (e.g. wheat, barley, oilseed rape, maize, soya, rice)

·         Dried fruits

·         Dust (e.g. house dust, mattress dust, floor sweepings etc. for the detection of house dust mites)

·         Plant material (e.g. hay, straw, wood or paper-based animal bedding)

·         Flower bulbs (e.g. tulips, hyacinths)

·         Veterinary samples (e.g. animal dander)

Customer samples are suspended in a careful balance of aqueous alcohol, acids and salts before percolating kerosene upwards from the base. Any animal matter present is collected on a filter paper, allowing easy examination away from the bulk sample.

Fera’s Bespoke Packaging Tests

Fera can also offer bespoke packaging penetration tests to help mitigate risks of infestation. The tests consider the nature of your product, the form of packaging, storage conditions and length of time in storage, with a range of potential pests.

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"We are fully satisfied with the handling, processing and evaluation of the Mite-Trap. The order and delivery of the traps always works as planned. Furthermore, we think that the included instructions on how you have to work with the traps is very useful.

The supplied recommendations are a great help for necessary corrective actions.

All in all, I cannot imagine a better cooperation"

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Why choose Fera?

Heavy infestations in raw materials can reduce germination, decrease the value for seed and malting, cause taint and be unpalatable to livestock, which can lead to reduced growth rates. In finished goods, infestations can lead to financial loss through deterioration of food quality - we can help.

  • Over 100 years of delivering pest & disease identification

    More than 100 years' experience of delivering pest and disease identification services to a wide range of commercial growers and Government departments, both in the UK and overseas

  • Latest LC-MS/MS triple quadrupole instruments;

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    We have an 80 acre secure site with 90 controlled environment facilities, containment - Cat 3 labs including specialist glass houses and use the latest chemical and molecular biological analysis tools

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    We have the capacity to deliver with 4km of lab benching and 350 scientists analysing, working with most of the major global agrochem and food companies

Why choose Fera?

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