Gain valuable work experience and develop your skills through a placement within a renowned science company.  You will have the chance to take responsibility to impact on our business success. We will provide dedicated support and development opportunities to help you get the most from your time with us.

Internship Programme

We look for students who are passionate about making a difference to join us across our science, IT, finance and marketing roles who have the skills and experience to add value to our company, as well as the potential to build a long-term career with us.

Fera offers year in industry opportunities within our Science and Corporate functions. Our placements offer first-hand experience of working in a world-class Science organisation, and our innovations form the basis for sustainable and profitable business activity and are key to achieving leadership positions in all of our markets.  You need to be positive, self-motivated, an original thinker and enjoy being part of a team. 

Meet Paula

Hi! My name is Paula and I am a placement student here at Fera Science until next summer. I am in my fourth year of studying towards a Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of York, and chose to write my final-year research project while working in industry. Science has always been a large part of my life; I grew up inspired by a mother with a Chemistry degree herself, and older siblings with degrees in Physics, Civil Engineering and Geography – so it was only a matter of time before I followed in their footsteps.

I consider myself to be very conscious of the environment we live in and the resources we consume, so, naturally, I was drawn towards studying at the University of York, who offer many specialised option modules in Green, Atmospheric, and Environmental Chemistry.

When it came to applying for placement companies with which we would conduct our Master’s research projects, there were so many opportunities available centred around pharmaceuticals, formulation and materials science, yet, disappointingly, only a handful of placements within the environmental field.

However, a couple of weeks into the application process, our placement co-ordinator announced a new placement opportunity at Fera Science, working with the Environmental Fate and Metabolism team within the Centre for Chemical Safety and Stewardship. I immediately told my friends and anyone who would listen that this was the placement I would love to secure and wrote a covering letter that evening.

I have now been at Fera for the past three months, which have been full of learning opportunities and familiarising myself with Good Laboratory Practice principles. Alongside working on projects for study directors within my team, I am also responsible for my own projects. I am currently researching OECD Guidelines and relevant literature regarding the determination of physical-chemical properties of compounds, working towards designing and bringing these experiments in-house for the first time.


Current Internships

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