Site & Facilities

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Site & Facilities

York Biotech Campus

A few miles north of the historic city of York set in an attractive 80-acre parkland, York Biotech Campus offers a uniquely creative scientific environment. A life sciences campus which is home to a prestigious mix of private and public sector science-based organisations such as the UK Animal Plant Health Agency (APHA) and Fera Science Ltd.

York Biotech Campus offers sophisticated science accommodation, a top range of support services, an enviable location and opportunities to interact with world class scientists and businesses all working at the interface of government, academia and industry.  The campus also houses the 250 seat Lakeside Conference Centre, an on-site restaurant, nursery and gym.

What facilities & technologies will be at your disposal?

Across the breadth of our scientific scope, we integrate technology and information and diagnostic excellence to accelerate the pull through of real invention into real world applications.

  • Molecular Technology Unit: cutting-edge molecular diagnostics and DNA analysis (including high-throughput real-time PCR, field portable DNA testing equipment and Next Generation Sequencing).
  • Thomson Suite: one of the UK’s largest mass spectrometry facilities with over 40 different instruments.
  • Quarantine Glasshouses & CE rooms: extensive suite of high-containment facilities for holding non-indigenous pests and pathogens, with its own dedicated horticultural team.
  • Reference collections: Fera hosts internationally important reference collections including over 100,000 entomological specimens, the world’s largest collection of plant-parasitic nematodes and the NCPPB (National Collection for Plant Pathogenic Bacteria).
  • Bee Research Unit: maintains over 60 experimental apiaries as part of its work with Defra’s National Bee Unit and  other work on bee and pollinator health.
  • Remote sensing: Fera has its own small fleet of UAVs (‘unmanned aerial vehicles’) with trained pilots and GIS modelling capability.
  • Agri-food datasets: custodians of nationally important long-term datasets including pesticide usage and disease monitoring.


In order to face future challenges, we need to continue to pioneer new diagnostic and measurement technologies. Fera’s glasshouses are deployed across a range of testing disciplines, from plant uptake experiments to potato brown rot analysis.

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Thomson Suite

The Thomson Suite is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the UK. It is a bespoke laboratory running to GLP quality standards that houses 40 different machines including the latest High Resolution & Time of Flight MS technology. Fera also operates a range of other analytical chemistry capabilities including Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry, Liquid and Gas Chromatography (LC) (GC) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

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