Governments, local authorities, regulators and many businesses need to make decisions about the best use of finite resources to optimise social welfare or benefits for people, societies, the environment and the economy.


We help societies to become more resilient or achieve the three pillar of sustainability through combining bottom and top-down decision making approaches under rapid socio-economic changes. Fera can help you to understand the likely impacts and cost-effectiveness of your decisions and actions, so you can make well-informed choices on how to deploy the economic resources available.

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  • Economic appraisals of policies and their impacts.
  • Risk and uncertainty assessments.
  • Support for public and private sector decision-makers and policy-makers.
  • Scientific evidence to optimise resources for social and environmental benefit.

Our insights and support help organisations to optimise their economic resources in a complex, rapid- changing world. We work to understand the impact of external and internal drivers of change such as consumer behaviour, patterns of global trade, climate change, etc. on both societies and the environment – providing additional layers of evidence to inform policy decisions.

We have provided multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary support for central government, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Forestry Commission, Food Safety Agency, Chemical Regulatory Division, Heath and Safety Executive and local authorities – offering targeted advice on the likely socio-economic and environmental impacts of decisions made centrally.

Our services

Fera's economics services

Our economic policy support services

Fera acts as a collator and translator of data from many sources, analysing and filtering information and findings to create workable real-world solutions to support policy-makers and decision-makers.

We provide economic policy support using data mining, model testing and analysis. Our work draws on our own in-house data as well as microeconomic and macroeconomic data, academic research results and information from a wide range of sources.

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Why choose Fera?

We undertake a range of research projects across various disciplines within the agricultural sector.

  • Long track record

    Fera has a long track record of providing robust scientific evidence and economic policy appraisals to support decision-makers at all levels of government and industry. We have a track record of liaising with stakeholders and understanding their needs and requirements. Our scientists carry out risk and uncertainty assessments and develop predictive/prescriptive models to help decision makers devise sustainable policies based on scientific evidence and data.

  • Broad range of experience

    Our track record is broad and varied, ranging from investigating biosecurity threats to help UK border inspection authorities target limited resources more effectively, through to advising agriculturalists in South East Asia on the most efficient use of pesticides.

Why choose Fera?

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